Love Wins! My best selling design : New Glory

I have a confession. I need to catch up on my blog. So, I will be blogging regularly about some photography and design that isn't necessarily current to catch up. I will start with a very relevant design that I created last year. My inspiration came after attending Pride Fest in St. Louis in 2014. While I was there I was looking for a t-shirt or tank top that caught my attention. I never really found the right one. At that time I was just tinkering with the apparel design side of my art and business. I had seen some American Flag / Rainbow Flag combinations but none of them looked that good to me at the time. I took it upon myself to incorporate the American Flag and the Pride Flag in a sort of part grunge part punk fashion. I decided upon a vertical placement with textures and borders. It had some edge, but also spoke to the message I wanted to convey. 

My biggest sale of this design came when a member of the iconic band Weezer contacted me to get a rush order to Indianapolis so he could wear it at the NCAA March Madness Music Festival amidst controversy over a bill the Governor had recently signed at the time. This drew a lot of attention online. I had a big spike in sales and it was really cool to see. I had a large increase in sales this June as well (my biggest month ever for online sales, surpassing all of last year!) for Pride Festivals all over the country. All of the customer photos were really cool to see.

The New Glory design is currently available on unisex adult t-shirts and tanks. It is also available on youth t-shirts, toddler t-shirts, and baby onesies!

You can find them all in my online store at